March 2018 Newsletter

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When budgeting for the purchase of a home there are many factors to consider:

 The total monthly payment that consists of Principal + Interest + Taxes + Hazard Insurance. There may also be a PMI or MIP and Homeowners' Association Fee.


Other factors to consider:

  • Utilities: Heat, electricity, water and sewer, phone (land/cell), cable television, Internet.

  • Fee for trash collection and recycling

  • Food/entertainment: Dining in and out, movies, hobbies.

  • Children: Day care, tuition, lunch money, supplies, clothing, sports gear.

  • Health costs: Braces, eyeglasses, medicine.

  • Debt: Credit-card payments, car/student loans.

  • Maintenance and decoration: Furnishings and appliances, landscaping.

  • Job expenses: Transportation (gasoline or transit costs), auto maintenance.


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